Behind each creation of the house of .Kate Lee are the most beautiful leathers, an essential noble material, and behind each of these leathers is a know-how that lasts through the years in a timeless way. The result is high-quality, innovative and diversified collections. The collections are colorful, modern and feminine.

The hide, the grain, the tanning, the dyeing...the careful research through the different Italian and French tanneries will lead to the creation of varied styles that you can find every season. The choice of leather is part of the first stages of creation and will immediately set the tone for the style of the bag. Reptile print leather or crisped leather will tend towards a rock side, while smooth leather will provide softness for lovers of the classic.

At .Kate Lee, the variety of leathers and colors allows each of you to find what suits you. It’s the chance to remain completely yourself while accessorizing your outfit as you wish.

Everything comes together to obtain a set of must-have handbags mixing technique and creativity, classicism and modernity, femininity and practicality.

Leather work is an essential element of creation and the quality of the materials is reflected through its texture, flexibility, and finishes. It will enhance over the years with its patina which will underline its elegance and nobility. The creation of each piece of leather goods will reveal great unsuspected complexity: leather cutting, texture, hand-made printing, painting, assembly... no detail is left out, thanks to an undeniable demand for quality. .

Concerned about the eco-responsible context, the house always seeks to direct its lines of bags and small leather goods towards more sustainable and ethical fashion. Nothing is lost, we avoid waste and this is how the leather scraps will be used and can become card holders, pencil cases, wallets but also new ranges of iconic pieces while keeping this precious know-how and this attention to the smallest details. After all, there's no choice between style and durability.

The importance of this work will be reflected through the first reflex that customers will have when entering .Kate Lee in her Parisian boutique: touch and try, suddenly the quality has its effect.

You will sometimes find in the .Kate Lee house, iconic models from the same line created in different leathers. A force of proposal that will allow you to have the format that suits you in your favorite leather.

Some details regarding the different leathers at .Kate Lee:

Looking for a timeless design with a rock touch? Opt for lines where cowhide leather has a printed effect with python, lizard, or even crocodile patterns. The ultimate in reptile prints, inspired by their scales. A bold and graphic trend which has established itself in the wardrobes of fashionistas and which stands out entirely by enhancing your city outfit while remaining sophisticated.

Result: you stand out among so many cosmopolitan styles, and you are at the forefront of fashion. The desire to have an accessory that will be completely new in your wardrobe: a piece with a reptile print, handbag or clutch, will change everything.

This is when iconic pieces come on the scene like DORIELLE, DORI, PETITE GIBECIERE, BYSA, EMELYNE without forgetting the essential MINI TINY EMELYNE, adorable creations in mini version.

Their python, crocodile and lizard prints enhance each bag. Not only will you have the choice in shape and print but you can also choose your favorite color. Whether multi-colored, two-tone or plain, all women find their ideal.

In a very affordable price range, it is possible to have a high-end piece of leather goods, made in very beautiful leather, without breaking the bank. And this allows us to have several because after all, we also like to renew our wardrobe according to the season so why not opt ​​for beige in summer and the same bag in camel color for winter.

Depending on habits, the DORIELLE or MARJANE tote bags will suit women needing space while the DORI, BYSA and TANE shoulder bags will be perfect for those looking for lightness, needing only their essentials.

The MINI TINY EMELYNE bag is a mini piece, a flagship of the collections. A unique bag to discover urgently in store or on the website .

The key is to keep it practical and stylish. The quality of the leather will remain intact whatever the texture and appearance of the desired result.

If you prefer smooth leather, now is the time to look at our emblematic lines MARJANE, NEW ULLY, NEW ZELIE, the PETITE GIBECIERE EMELYNE or even the EIFFEL among many others. This leather will keep its natural appearance and its particularity and you will find the choice from a palette of timeless and sparkling colors.

Don't miss the leather lines with their velvet appearance, particularly on the ULLY, ZELIE and MINI FLEYA lines. Your sense of touch will immediately be won over by the softness of the velvety appearance. Ultra-soft leathers for optimal lightness.

The BYSA and MARJANE bag lines will feature incredibly supple and textured grained leather. Whether it's the TANYAL and EMY shopping bags, or the small TANE shoulder bag, their leather reveals the lightness we need for the day. As is often the case in bag collections, find the large format accompanied by its small format, to choose according to your preference or to combine to complete your favorites.

Elegance will be essential on the FROLA line with its patent leather which will immediately give a touch of chic to your look. Choose from your favorite colors. This leather adds a touch of glamor whether you wear a casual or chic style at the moment.

At .Kate Lee, leathers are also used differently and can be mixed to give a new texture to the bags. This process gives rise to bi-material leather models, both smooth and velvety, which you find on the EMY bag collections or the FRINGE NOIR line.

Another way of working with this noble material will be found in the glazing of leather for a new aspect that will shake up habits. This is an effect that you can find in particular in the BONBON TANE, MINI INDIA, TANE, TANYAL, FIONA, MINI FIONA bags and which is not only enhanced by this glossy leather but which is also a slightly cracked leather. You have here a perfect combination of vintage and modern style at the same time, ultra soft and light.

An infinite variety of leathers which always continues to develop thanks to research and reflection with the aim of creating each season crafted, unique, original and trendy pieces of leather goods.


Paying attention to every detail of making a bag does not only concern the final product but also the entire know-how part that will give birth to this new creation. From the first idea to the installation of the bag in the store, the art of leather goods is punctuated by different stages which are numerous and the house is always concerned about the quality and respect for each of these stages which leave nothing to the chance. Each piece of leather goods thus becomes an iconic piece of the brand which reflects know-how born from the house's passion for leather goods.

Since its beginnings, .Kate Lee has defended demanding and meticulous know-how which meets the aspiration of offering quality leather goods. Each of the bag models is a demonstration of craftsmanship behind which lie hours of work, reflection and improvements to achieve the best possible version of the leather bag with the greatest care: design, cutting of the leather, assembly , sewing, finishing... always ending with essential quality control. The finishes and production processes are constantly subject to very precise checks, whatever the geographical location of the workshops.

The expertise of the house and the know-how it possesses will make it possible to transform leather into a unique fashion accessory. All models of bags and small leather goods are made in the continuity of this artisanal know-how. Every detail has been studied to offer the most accomplished and complete bag: well-placed zipped compartments, pockets, zipper, buckles...

This know-how and precise manufacturing techniques are reflected in the quality of the leather goods collections that we offer. The house has never stopped offering lines of quality leather bags, trendy, colorful and always carefully crafted down to the smallest detail. It’s all this work in the details that will make the difference and highlight our DNA.

Up to date with current trends while continuing to satisfy customers, Kate Lee always remains attentive to their expectations which remain at the forefront of consideration. This is the true common thread of the house, in a desire to constantly improve. The refined shapes join the bold tones, the assurance of the interpretation of French chic. Each design, both refined and practical, is the result of a great sense of creativity and know-how in this field.

Leather is a living and timeless material requiring our attention, and bags are sometimes subjected to various daily tests through our use. Because it is important to continue to satisfy customers, who are also concerned about responsible consumption, the house has set up a repair service within its own workshops which allows you to give a second wind to your bags .Kate Lee and small leather goods accessories. Customers can count on the skills and expertise of our workshops to provide quality work. This restoration also constitutes preservation of the environment on its scale by allowing customers to use their bags and accessories in a more sustainable way. The important thing is to benefit from a real guarantee, which we continually offer. We help you keep your favorite pieces for longer.

In addition, it is common that you have become accustomed to your bag, this traveling companion with whom you share your daily life, and in the wish to keep this comfort and your habits, the house offers to bring it back so that it can be carefully studied and the teams will always try to find the most suitable solution for the case presented. Do not hesitate to contact the teams at your disposal by e-mail, by telephone, or by WhatsApp.

March 28, 2023