It may seem simple at first glance, but choosing your ideal handbag can become a real challenge, and yet it is a must in the women's wardrobe.

Format, material, and color are all criteria that will guide your choice while wanting to make you fall in love. You have to find the bag that will be functional, easy to carry and that will certainly be aesthetic and timeless. Having become a fashion essential for every wardrobe, the bag formats at .Kate Lee cross time and generations. They must also be perfectly adapted to what you are going to put inside because the goal will always be to accompany you by facilitating your daily life.

Through our collections of bags, everyone can find their ideal. Endlessly elegant with a touch of audacity and modernity, .Kate Lee offers diversified lines of bags and small leather goods.

Since its inception, the house has continued to attach great importance to the “aesthetic and practical” duo, an inseparable duo. Add to that timeless colors on all-season formats, and you have your bag. With designs in tune with the times, the collections reveal diversified formats each season for uses on all occasions: tote bags, shoulder bags of all sizes, bucket bags, backpacks, clutches, mini tiny, hand bags, shoulder bags , phone pouch... everything is there, for all women, for all occasions.

When looking for a handbag, there are several criteria to take into account. The size, the functionality, the occasion, the use... These criteria will constitute the basis of the search for the perfect handbag.

First question you will ask yourself: why am I buying a handbag? An evening or a special occasion: opt for the trendy TESS clutch or the MINI TINY bag. During the day: the ANITA shoulder bag will allow you to have all the freedom and comfort you need. Work or travel? The MARJANE tote will allow you to forget nothing and stay organized with all its pockets.

Each bag format has become an essential in women's wardrobes because they all have a perfect use at some point in our lives. And that's why .Kate Lee offers you such a wide choice of formats.

A dressing room would not be complete without its large tote bag. Equipped with large or small handles and sometimes even a shoulder strap, tote bags remain great classics thanks to their space and are the best option for carrying all the essentials of everyday life while staying organized thanks to these pockets. tidy up your whole life. To do this, discover our range of DRESSY bags.

Appreciated for their versatility, the choice of the medium/small bag will be made in order to be limited to what is strictly necessary, which will at the same time make life easier. Whether it's going shopping, going to a party, or going away for the weekend, the shoulder bag allows you to have your hands completely free. This type of bag is a real travel companion. It's there if you need it, but you don't think about it, so you can multitask even more. It blends perfectly with our outfit. Smaller in size, but just as functional, these versions of ultra-practical bags are equally equipped with pockets and compartments and thus allow the best possible organization. With the MINI FLEYA, everything stays in order and the more compact format means you don't get weighed down.

The cross-body side of the bag brings in addition to all these advantages, a significant feeling of security. The bag is on you, it belongs to you and stays anchored on you. We put it on his shoulder, and we left for the day. With the style of bag such as the DORI, we survey a casual and chic look at the same time, and above all without effort. The key word is simplicity and comfort. We have everything we need, without overdoing it. Sometimes it is not necessary to take everything with you, we leave what is futile, and we keep the essentials for everyday life.

And why not go on a backpack? Because today it is possible to combine aesthetics and functionality in this type of bag long associated with the world of sport. The LYANA with its urban and refined design, it's time for a completely different look.

We do not forget the phone pouch which will be the ally of lightness. You slip in your phone and your papers, and you're ready. Quickly discover our different models of TELEPHONE POUCH in various colors.

These totally timeless bag formats are the result of a reflection on even more practical collections, which speak to everyone, created by a woman for women.

Among these timeless, there is also an irresistible style: our MINI TINI lines, miniature versions of the models, real little jewels in which you slip the credit card, the lipstick and the keys. Just the bare essentials.

At .Kate Lee, bag models are available in a myriad of chic, rock and trendy styles, colors and formats. With the accessory, we have fun, we mix the trends and we make our outfit sparkle. Tangy, pastel, neutral or flashy colors, everything is possible and everything is thought out down to the smallest detail. From the number of pockets, compartments, and slots to the buckles and finishes, no aspect is left out and all the facets of the bag are meticulously studied for daily comfort.

Zoom on the must-have bag models of the house:

The bare essentials will be perfect, for example, in the refined bag models LEANI, PETITE GIBECIERE EMELYNE, KACY FRINGES, or even TANE. We don't overload ourselves and we adopt colorful or sober accessories with their pastel, flashy or neutral tones. Equipped with leather shoulder strap for the casual side, or chain shoulder strap to give the glamorous touch, these bags are synonymous with lightness, practicality but also versatility. Even if it means taking your handbag in the morning, why not continue the evening with it for an afterwork or an event, its casual chic design will necessarily match.

For a slightly larger bag, still with a shoulder strap, opt for the ANITA, EMELYNE, BRUNY FRINGES, MINI FIONA, or JULYET models. These models meet all needs: organization, space, storage, they are the models in which you can put all your essentials and accompany you to go to work, or go away for the weekend.

For fans of large formats, put on your arm the FIONA, DRESSY, JULYA or MARJANE bag models. In a catch-all spirit, everything is possible with these formats. Computer, wallet, book, water bottle, wallet and everyday objects, nothing is missing. There are always the compartments, an essential aspect of the house, because it is good to be able to carry everything, but with organization it is ideal.

The backpack meanwhile no longer belongs only to the world of sport but is an integral part of women's dressing rooms. It is found in leather, colorful and elegant, especially in the LYANA or ELLIE lines. With their inside and outside zipped pockets, their compartments, their adjustable straps and their flaps, we continue on the practical spirit while being at the forefront of elegance by opting for either smooth leather or grained leather.

The mini tiny bags are to be discovered in the collections of MINI TINY VELYANE, MINI TINY OPHELIA, and MINI TINY EMELYNE. Sleek and playful at the same time, the mini tiny bag brings a whimsical and carefree touch to our lives, perfect for minimalist fashionistas. Mini in size, big in effect.

As you will have understood, the possibilities are numerous and are all to be discovered urgently online at or directly in the Marais boutique at 16, rue des Gravilliers Paris III.

March 28, 2023